The Sex Pistols – Full Concert – 01/14/78 – Winterland (OFFICIAL)

The Sex Pistols – Full Concert
Recorded Live: 1/14/1978 – Winterland (San Francisco, CA)

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0:00:00 – God Save The Queen
0:04:13 – I Wanna Be Me
0:08:19 – I’m A Lazy Sod
0:10:42 – New York
0:14:25 – EMI
0:18:09 – Belsen Was A Gas
0:20:22 – Bodies
0:25:15 – Holidays In The Sun
0:29:19 – Liar
0:34:15 – No Feelings
0:37:18 – Problems
0:41:56 – Pretty Vacant
0:45:14 – Anarchy In The UK
0:49:00 – No Fun

Johnny Rotten – lead vocals
Sid Vicious – bass, vocals
Steve Jones – guitar, vocals
Paul Cook – drums


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33 thoughts on “The Sex Pistols – Full Concert – 01/14/78 – Winterland (OFFICIAL)

  1. I love the generally shitty sound quality as it just goes to show that production quality isn’t everything and personality has a massive impact

  2. Hahahaha…bass play back!!!
    55:46 Walking Dead face.
    Don't understand why Sid had many credits when he was a shit at all.

  3. Спустя много лет. Это звучит и выгледет стремно и ужасно.
    Ну хуй с ним это стволы

  4. 0:08 those short bass riffs are from two Ramones songs ("Blitzkrieg Bop" and "Loudmouth"). According to Paul Cook and Viv Albertine, Sid was working hard to be a "real" bass player, playing the first Ramones album nonstop, staying awake all night. And indeed in this last gig he plays for real, albeit in questionable way (Steve Jones says that he wasn’t plugged in half the time). But it was too late – still some months and he was dead.

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