The Power of Mindful Sex | Diana Richardson | TEDxLinz

Awareness in sex creates love and connection, says author Diana Richardson. She has spent 25 years teaching couples about sex as a form of meditation where longing and attraction don’t die. Are you open minded? Are you open to explore? Learn how sex can bring healing and connection to your relationship in this thought-provoking talk.

This performance was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
Diana Richardson is one of today’s leading authorities on human sexuality. She has written 8 books on how in practical ways a person can experience a more fulfilling sex and love life. One of her bestsellers was translated and published under the title “Zeit für Weiblichkeit”, a book well celebrated in the German speaking world. Born in South Africa in 1954, she first qualified as a lawyer (B.A.LLB), and then she trained as a massage therapist (ITEC) in the UK. Her interest in the body and healing prompted an intense personal exploration into the union of sex and meditation – the essence of Tantra. Since 1993, together with her partner, she has been sharing her insights and experiences with couples who travel from many different parts of the world to participate in their informative and life changing workshops in Switzerland. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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37 thoughts on “The Power of Mindful Sex | Diana Richardson | TEDxLinz

  1. Extra ordinary observation into human life… depth analysis of human life and its emotional content……each word seems to be coming out of god's mouth eternally…….India has Ajanta & Alora times of indepth human thinking about meaning of takeing birth and learning the secret blessings of universal existence of happiness in human life thru another person presence in self life……..

    That level of thought do not exist in 90%population in India anymore….. we do not have thought process beyond our capebilities to understand self as a human and being alive as a human before we die death……

  2. My beeee is 100% fullfilling for me… not worry. She knows me too closely then your wild imaginations also……. find your own honey defects in your life.

    Not mine……i am capable of re-training any female completely into a new Advance form to live & think about life……far away from just mayerialistic thoughts about life as a success …….

  3. Its not that always a man Thinks into a female ……i di not say physical attraction is not necessary……it forms 100% in a 25% portfolio about a person.
    If we divide any HUMAN(male/female) into 4 parts of identification as a suitable emotional Attachment…….

    25+25+25+25=100% Human Brain

  4. This is the ultimate way to make love and connect with your partner. It’s a mind, body and soul connection that is incredibly intense and deeply intimate. I highly recommend it. 😉

  5. Thank you Diana, attending to the love-making retreat was heaven for My beloved and Myself …This is what came up to me during the retreat : I can imagine that love making in presence is one of the reasons why I chose to incarnate … Thank you so much for offering this to us and humanity through the great 'work' you do !

  6. I really liked the suggestions in this video, and think that lots of people would benefit from this. However, I didn't like the gender stereotypes of the man being always ready to go and the woman needing to warm up. It can definitely be the other way around! Overall, awesome Ted Talk.

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