Surprise Game Show – Random Acts

Brinley is a medical miracle. And she loves “Let’s Make a Deal.” So we surprised her with her very own game show! #randomactsTV #BYUtv

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Surprise Game Show – Random Acts


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37 thoughts on “Surprise Game Show – Random Acts

  1. To make one special person smile, there are lot of best people coming forward to support him/her 's this is one of the best reality show and keep up the good work. May God bless everyone you reach .

  2. While everyone is crying happy tears of what these people do let's not lose sight of the fact that this is BYU and the Mormon community. Some of the biggest bigots in this country. Never forget the money these hateful people poured into Prop 8. They don't deserve praise they deserve scorn. The fake Mormon religion is filled with bigotry and hate.

  3. He's definitely the best brother anyone could ask for. God bless him and his family. Keep doing the good stuff Random Acts Team 🙂

  4. I love how she was worried that her brother wouldn’t get a prize 😊
    Thank you random acts for showing us the good in this world

  5. I love your video about random act of kindness
    Becuase it really makes me think of helping not only those in need but to help our society
    I love how you all put an effort for someone you have never meet before.
    Thank you for giving some random acts of kindnes
    Thank you for serving as inspiration !

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