Ronaldo vs Messi: Who earned more money beween 2010-2019? | Oh My Goal

Messi or Ronaldo? Who is richer between two generational talents Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? The Forbes list reveals who has more money between Messi and Ronaldo.

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38 thoughts on “Ronaldo vs Messi: Who earned more money beween 2010-2019? | Oh My Goal

  1. No one can take place of either Messi or Ronaldo. No one has shown their skills to that elite level and at the young age Messi and Ronaldo have.

  2. I was totally surprised that Messi won balloon d 'Or this year most MOTM and Ronaldo failed to come in top 30 ranking and he regarded with best soccer player 2019 in Dubai which is really unacceptable .

  3. Ronald is the beat player in world messi is a sorry ass clowned cant win a world cup or world America what a joke. Pls fifa stop giving balon de oro to this clown for messi 🤮

  4. There will be no rivalry like messi and ronaldo in future.. they both are absolute legend and we should agree that..😍

  5. Honestly who thinks rondaldo and Messi, deserve more than Mayweather, not disrespect to may weather he is great at what he does, but Ronaldo and Messi are probably one of the most known people, and impact kids a lot

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