32 thoughts on “PART TWO: How Where You Grew Up Influenced You

  1. Me right now growing up in a small town in the middle of nowhere with 7000 people in Wisconsin….can't relate 😂imagine being from a place known for more than bears and drugs..couldnt be me

  2. Adrienne is so cute but so delusional! Lmao, girl nobody from another country has a “different level of respect for Nee Yorkers l.”😂

  3. I live in Flint Michigan where we have had a water crisis going on for almost 6 years. Even though i grew up outside the city i gotta tell you the people are resilient and they don't give up. They find ways to provide clean water for their families even when resources that were made available to them are becoming very limited thus forcing everybody to look elsewhere. Flint residents have decided that they are going to help one another out until this issue is finally resolved

  4. I'm from downtown Dallas 💀 other than surviving the heat Dallas really taught me to loveeee diversity and appreciate culture. My parents are the best example of this , my mother is black and my father is Hispanic 😩😩

  5. I’m a 3rd gen Puerto Rican / Cuban that grew up in Texas, & when I tell you there’s something about growing up here that is so special. I can’t really explain it but there’s a sense of comfort, & familiarity of course but Texans are proud people & it’s the stickiest state for a reason (75% of people born here live here their entire lives)
    There’s so many diff cities to choose from with Houston being such a melting pot of diff cultures & Dallas as well. Austin is amazing as well, & San Antonio is full of culture, & it’s a great city for Hispanics. Majority of the population is Mexican or Puerto Rican with some Colombians, & others. We have H-E-B, chicken fried steak, giant cinnamon rolls lol, Tex-Mex, Houston rap scene, & so much more. I wouldn’t trade being a Texan for anything 🤘🏾

  6. Born & raised in Flint, Michigan! Still residing here until I finish school. I love my city! #Flintstone #FlintStrong #FlintWaterCrisis

  7. I'm from the 904 Jacksonville Beach Florida! I have no idea what that says about me lol. But the beaches have their own vibe.

  8. Colorado taught me to be genuine and love the world ❤️ I will always have a kind heart and appreciate the world like recycling and not littering ❤️❤️❤️ shout out Colorado miss you so much

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