28 thoughts on “Our Game | League of Legends

  1. I hate the word esports, makes it comparable to sports when in actuality it's something completely different. Like comparing sports and cooking when those 2 things are completely different. Why can't we call this professional gaming? Why do we need that "esports" word that is really misleading and sounds dumb imo

  2. "Esports is like fantasy football"

    Except that in esports you have to use your head, in football all you need to use is your feet. That's it.

  3. Wtf this video appeared on my recommendations and I watched it. I really thought this was from 2019, and I read a comment saying "whos watching in 2019" and I was like wtf, went up and saw that it was from 2017. Lul you got me Riot

  4. man i first met this game in 2012 and thought it was so boring….yet now im obsessed ever since they cut game time in half

  5. Why are they even debating about e-sports being a real sport when chess exists, but even if it doesn't qualify as a sport i don't really care, but they could at least acknowledge the success and popularity of e-sports and give it the respect it deserves.

  6. Riot: Our Game
    NA:For the region who created the game we cannot win a Worlds!
    CH: Laughing in Chinese
    EU: sobbing like little girls
    KR: Laughing so hard they cannot breath in Korean

  7. Esports is already bigger than the marketcap of the music and movie industry COMBINED! And it's only been around for 10 years…..these naysayers will get hit like a truck, the same way teemo's mushrooms in late game.

  8. we have people practicing for hours. we have people making a living. we have people who literally cry at defeat. it may not be considered a sport to a lot of people, but it has players more passionate about their team and league than actual sports. it doesnt matter if people dont wanna consider it a sport but it doesnt deserve to be shunned by people in suits, talking to a crowd that gets placard instructions on when to laugh

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