New York Knicks vs. Portland Trail Blazers Post Game Show: Highlights, Analysis & Caller Reactions

New York Knicks vs. Portland Trail Blazers Post Game Show: Highlights, Analysis & Caller Reactions. CP is joined by Posting & Toasting’s Alex Wolfe to break down the Knicks Blazers game. They also remember former NBA Commissioner David Stern. LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE!

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42 thoughts on “New York Knicks vs. Portland Trail Blazers Post Game Show: Highlights, Analysis & Caller Reactions

  1. Porzingis got swag but he knew he couldn't go up against the new rookie that's why they lost twice in a row against the Knicks. He got intimidated

  2. Mitch. He was a beast from the beginning. Porzingis had to leave because of him during practice sessions. Porzingis has swag but he's on a winning team he ain't doing nothing but scoring 10 points between 10 and 20 points a game. Mitchell would dog is ass

  3. If people look at the game carefully the knicks never break even when they tied the game.simple basketball meshing together win games. People the knicks is coming mark my words and all the super stars who played us and make us a laughingstock. Suckers we coming.

  4. Just one thing to say allow Coach Miller to ink that contract …Head Coach he is deserving of that opportunity 🧡💙

  5. The Playoffs are NOT OUT of the Question, The EAST is terrible. Knicks are only 3 games away from the 9th seed (CHI), 5 games out of 8th with Orlando holding that position. its not impossible to talk playoffs.

  6. Ayyy let’s go!! No team has more wins this decade than the Knicks 😳 we’re now officially in the playoff hunt ! Salute KFTV happy new year !!

  7. I wouldn't trade Morris unless he wants to leave. It's not often lately you get a vet player of his caliber wanting to be a Knick. He brings culture to the Knicks that is desperately needed. And it doesn't make sense to trade your best player if your best player wants to stay. We traded Melo for Kanter, McDermott and a 2nd Round pick. We traded Ewing for Luc Longley, Glen Rice, and Travis Knight. Morris is not going to get us a lottery pick. He's probably going to get us a 25 – 30 pick from a team making a Finals push. And no other team will let him play how he's playing with us. So if he's happy with us… keep him. All we need is our PG to solidify our starting line up.

  8. Hopefully the Knicks have a great 2nd half to entice players that the Knicks, under Miller, are headed for greener pastures. Love the way this team is playing for him.

  9. There's not enough emphasis on how Frank and Mitch played lastnight. This is our Future. This is what development was supposed to look like under Fiz. This is why we drafted them. This is the hope we want in pieces. Yet cornballs like Ari call in criticizing Frank? And cp you didn't give Peyton and Frank their credit for containing Damian Lillard, there was No "Luck", the Brick Brothers contained a SuperStar. Damion on a bad night will drop 25.

    All i want now is for Knox and RJ to get out of their slumps.

  10. They can say that meeting unlocked something all they want. I believe it was the changing of the gaurd, meaning the coach. Of course the players wouldn't come out and say that.

  11. Great coaching by Miller.great game.Bullock is another defensive player 3 n d player which is great. Mitch was a savage.

  12. I hate to be that guy but I’m sorry…I’m not excited. I think this is 95% a result of a soft part of the schedule and Elfrid Payton’s return. This is still not a good roster and I see 4 wins tops this month.

    IMO they’re focus right now should be to figure out how to finesse Karl Anthony Towns & D’Angelo Russell to NY at the deadline. Everyone should be available except RJ Barrett. This years draft does not have a franchise player in it. The free agency classes in the near future is straight trash and after this past summer they should have learned their lesson in regards to banking on top tier players signing here.

    Scared money don’t make money. These wins are fools gold. Go get the big fish who are possibly available via trade.

    Anyways, happy new year CP…can’t wait to see even better content in 2020 and RIP to the man who gave us the captain, David Stern.

  13. Miller is the coach that alway want that break from the G League and has been keeping tabs on what wad.going on so when he finally get his break he make his coaching look so simple he make the guys.feel comfortable in there game and it is making them get that confidence so watch out people that ROME his coming together.patients my friends.

  14. Look.guys the shooting form will be funny. look you talking about this guy did a spinal surgery but it is all well becaused his shot is going in . And yes i want to touch a topic that everyone speaking on that knicks lost the trade with the dallas to me the knicks did not loose the dam trade. As.we are.looking at the NBA right now Kp is hurt timmy is hurt so we Dont want any injuries prone players so knicks good .when last you guys see tim hardway stays on the floor for half of the 82 game any team he play for. He always injuried Also kp .people just please. 😆.

  15. I'm giving Rj Barrett one year before declaring a wasted 3rd pick in lottery !! I mean right now this guy can't hit free throws ,can't hit the side of a building ,can't shoot !! come on what was all the hoopla about ! one year let's see !!

  16. The Knicks are looking good. I would not rush into trading anybody. Maybe rebuild a bit, but I would keep Morris, Randle, If we play .500, get 41 wins, the Free Agents will show up. The Knicks will be a team on the rise.

  17. I'm def not in LOVE with #melo or the Melo yrs. Still hate how he hurt @Amareisreal MVP type season and what he did to #LinSanity. I did appreciate him but towards the end he was here for the Bag RT. I am a Melo fan though

  18. Must be new year new Knicks cause I ain't ever see ball movement like that.. the spacing, the playmaking, the extra passes couldn't believe who I was watching

  19. Too balanced a win, but I wish we could call this the Frank game. Five assists off P&R, couple blocks, splashed a three, and he DUNKED!

  20. It's amazing it's almost like Miller knows franks bread & butter is The P&R, which it has been known since Frank was drafted that he is Elite at running The P&R! Fizdale rarely ever ran The P&R with him & Mitch!

  21. Ron Cleveland I’m calling you out! Take back what you said about Miller. You said you wanted him out after one game of bad coaching SMHHHHHH

  22. Happy New Year CP, condolences to stern, and special eulogy for Porzingis knee. As you may know that Porzingis is out INDEFINITELY with a knee injury

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