NEW CHAMPION APHELIOS REVEALED!!! New ADC Made By CertainlyT – League of Legends

LEAVE A “LIKE” IF YOU ENJOYED THE VID!! New CertainlyT ADC champion REVEALED, Aphelios, the weapon of the faithful in League of Legends!
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NEW CHAMPION APHELIOS REVEALED!!! New ADC Made By CertainlyT – League of Legends

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45 thoughts on “NEW CHAMPION APHELIOS REVEALED!!! New ADC Made By CertainlyT – League of Legends

  1. He looks like a Korean pop Boy that looks like girl emo wannabe, please stop this korean trend and make champs with a strong look

  2. Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins criticizes all faith by generalizing from specific faith in propositions that conflict directly with scientific evidence.He describes faith as belief without evidence; a process of active non-thinking. He states that it is a practice that only degrades our understanding of the natural world by allowing anyone to make a claim about nature that is based solely on their personal thoughts, and possibly distorted perceptions, that does not require testing against nature, has no ability to make reliable and consistent predictions, and is not subject to peer review. So what's the name of the method you use in order to come to a conclusion??? I like turtles! SCIENCE BITCHES!

  3. Weapon of the faithful?
    So he's a placebo? xD
    If anyone can use faith as a method at anytime to determine anything as true, then why on Earth would anyone want to use that method???

  4. YOU TALK WAY TOO FAST!!! BREATHE! First and last video I watch of this channel… jesus… plus the clicking everywhere, holy shit –'

  5. "defends the faith from those who ally with the sun."
    Redmercy: must be allied with leona

    SIR THAT IS THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT IT SAYS, give my girl diana some respect smh.

  6. Marksman doesn't equal ADC btw boys. Teemo is a good example of this, i personally don't think he's gonna be strictly ADC/botlane like champs like Kai'Sa or Ashe.

  7. Redmercy:That is the guy who made yasuo,that is the guy who made zoe,that is the guy who reworked akali

    Me:That is the guy that made everything broken

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