28 thoughts on “Levante vs Barcelona [3-1], La Liga 2019/20 – MATCH REVIEW

  1. Barcelona are without a coach. Ernesto Valverde is not a coach. He's a coward. If he had any small amount of respect for the fans and what the club means (or used to mean) he would resign. Better yet, he would have resigned last season. You can't defend him anymore.

  2. There no difference between, you guys and manutd ! Rubbish manager, rubbish tactics rubbish results. Difference between you and us we won’t sack the manager ! You guys will because u act like the big club you are lol . & I felt that when you said , when’s there’s no football. There’s nothing to ruin your weekend LOL . Guys I just hope u guys can get back to the top. P.S it’s like when united go 1-0 down ! We got no fighting mentality to get back up to the top, seems like literally the same thing

  3. Hilarious Jamie. Sad we lost but your video made me laugh. I like how you told us, "to go watch something else. Another sport perhaps" lol. Valturde needs to be sacked immediately. Enjoy your videos. Keep up the awesome content

  4. Jamie when are we going to talk about messi being the barcelona captain? He is a great special player, he is very vital to the team set up but i dont see that captain characteristic in him. Look at players like ramos, puyol, van dijk, they have comand on the field and messi lacks that. Barca should lesrn how to choose captains and quit give out captain only because the player is a good player.

  5. please someone in Barcelona Kill Varverde or at least poison him he must Fucking go if i was in Spain i would fucking hunt him like a hitman,🖕u Valverde #VALVERDEOUT

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