How Lionel Messi Replies To People Who says " Cristiano Ronaldo Is Better " !!

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39 thoughts on “How Lionel Messi Replies To People Who says " Cristiano Ronaldo Is Better " !!

  1. If I know I am the best I dont need to announce that to the world…

    But if the world knows some other person is the best and they consider me as the second then I have to keep on saying "I am the best in the world"

    There is a GOAT and a self announced GOAT.

  2. Its obivous that Messi is best Ronaldo just Showoff….Other wise he is just null in Football and everytime showing Styles everywhere I think he should go to modeling…That will be perfect for him…..

  3. You can compare Messi with Goku and C. Ronaldo with Vegeta! Vegeta always wanna be the better one, but knows from deep inside Goku is the best! Messi is just the 6.O.A.T 🙏

  4. Messi is magical and Ronaldo is a hard worker and a leader. Ronaldo is a leader, not only in football perhaps one can take him to the front line and he’ll still win the fight for you. Millions more were fan of Man Utd, then millions more became fan of Real Madrid and now millions more have become fan of Juventus. They say they hate you but they can’t deny they are still watching you. Ronaldo can win with any team, he’s like ‘Forest Gump’ whatever he does, he brings success. 💪

  5. I hate these videos because they’re so biased, if the person making the video actually compared the two from a neutral standpoint this content would be entertaining, but it’s just some dude tryna convince everyone that this one is better… they’ve both been the best in the world at some point, it’s not really that deep 😭

  6. Captions

    Which Is I Thinking

    Christiano Ronaldo : Which Is I Thinking Is Me

    Me : I Agree Captions.

    Also Me : Glad To Have You In Our Side

  7. True fans know that messi doesn't even bother answering unless asked personally.. No fucks given about who says what.. he just does his own thing.. that's how he rolls

  8. 0:21 I’m pretty sure if Messi can carry Barca at the age of 18 against Real Madrid that he can carry any team in the world

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