How high did Messi jump when he scored against Manchester United? | Oh My Goal

Cristiano Ronaldo is a beast when it comes to jumping, but so is Lionel Messi. Nope, we’re not trying to start a fight but we just want to compare CR7’s jump against Sampdoria with Messi’s against Ferdinand. It’s just to find out! How high did Messi jump in his goal against Ferdinand and Manchester United in 2009?


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28 thoughts on “How high did Messi jump when he scored against Manchester United? | Oh My Goal

  1. Yeah, that's right Oh My Goalers, we listen to you! You wanted to hear about Messi's incredible header, and here it is! But which one do you think was better: Lionel Messi vs Manchester United or Cristiano Ronaldo against Sampdoria?

  2. Cr7 because cr7 did the jump at 34 and messi did that at his 20s and when did football became a competetion of how much high you jump ?

  3. Fuck u omg …. there is no comparison between the two ….. you have selected messi's only header in his life here ….. lol

  4. c'mon man…are you seriously comparing???
    i mean….seriously…..either you have a lack of sense of humor or you are just a blind messi fan…oh my goal…seriously!!

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