Half-Life 2: THE PTSD MOD 2 – Full Walkthrough

Full Playthrough of the HL2 Mod – The PTSD Mod 2 in a Single Video with NO Deaths.

First PTSD Mod ►►►

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27 thoughts on “Half-Life 2: THE PTSD MOD 2 – Full Walkthrough

  1. I don't get this "Old Punt" meme shit, never have. I suspect it comes from some obscure forum with like 100 people on it.
    I guess I don't have to get it, at least this one looks fun.

  2. In the thumbnail theres a green furball head he kinda reminds me Ratchet's head from Ratchet and Clank.

  3. My grandpa had this thing called Nintendo DS or something like that and he would always scream and wave his gun at mommy

  4. i thing my half live is cursed i died in strange ways and strange things goin in the game i dont have any mod but maby its my luck to have.bad luck lol

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