Camila Cabello – Real Friends (Official Audio)

“Real Friends”

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21 thoughts on “Camila Cabello – Real Friends (Official Audio)

  1. I'm just going to vent a lil bit.

    So basically I had this friend they were an online friend ( cause I can't socialize irl lol) we were best friends, talked a lot, she had a crush on me, she knows that I have a different crush so I'm scared to say yes or no,If i say no then I'll feel very bad cause then I'll be a heartbreaker , if I say yes then I would not love her and feel like the love is so fake. I keep saying yes or no, I have lots of mixed emotions then I say let's stay friends. She starts talking crap about me behind my back cause I didn't accept her confession, her friend also uses her acc, so then her friend asked me "why were you so rude to mizzie?" I said "when was I rude we've been friends for about a year.." then her friend starts attacking me for playing with her friends emotions that I'm a jerk and I should kill myself, she knows I have a pet bird, and its kind of my emotional support animal, so she told my bird to die, on her acc the posted my user name and my cousins user name (bc my cousin was also friends with her) and said that were fake. she started spreading fake info abt me and stuff about me, and everyone that sends me a friend request on it starts messaging me to go die. She's very fake too, she had a bf and she confessed to me, and her bf told me to go die, How would her bf like her cheating on him? She told me she was lesbian like me too, she might be bi but when I accepted her confession first she said so we're together right? them I say " yeah" , she had a bf while she asked me out, I told her that I took back my confession bc It doesn't feel right. Now her friend texted my cousin and told my cousin to tell me that she still wants to be friends with me, I say sure but if she takes off the thing that me and my cousin are fake and stuff like that and she refused. I'm happy I got her out of my life so, Yeah! So this is my vent sry if it's long 😅

  2. I have fake friends in real life and in roblox…

    Fake friends in roblox:Golibeee,Avvocado112 and XxAlexa_JenniexX please support me..they say bad words to me I’m just 8 years old 😭😭

    Edit:my user name in roblox is GachaLegend56

  3. I can't Express what this song means to me.. I hear how friends smile in ur face, then betray u.. 2 faced.. and cruel.. if u don't like me just be real.. just sucks.. I feel so alone and awkward. My loyalty just doesn't fit in I guess..

  4. I love listening to tgis song when i come back from school. Right now im in a painfull depressing situation and it cheers me up a little.

    My fake face:😊😊😊

    Reality when i get home:😭😭😭😭😣😣💔💔💔

  5. Expecting everyone to stay in your life is foolishness.
    Everyone has a life. People come and go. enjoy their presence. If they say they are busy and have work believe them. The right one who wants you, who cares about you will come into your life no matter the obstacles are.

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