Bill Burr | Advice: Family Thinks I Joined a Sex Cult

Bill reads an email from a listener who may or may not have joined a sex cult.

the Monday Morning Podcast Live was shot at Dynasty Typewriter on October 17, 2019

Produced by Andrew Themeles and All Things Comedy

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36 thoughts on “Bill Burr | Advice: Family Thinks I Joined a Sex Cult

  1. I converted to antiquity period Greek religion, and now I judge everyone that doesn’t kneel to a statue of Hera before bedtime.

  2. He's reading a letter about people on shrooms fucking each other-
    "I don't know why, I just pictured dragonflies and insects there, I don't like that."
    Oh what I wouldn't do for a stroll inside Mr. Burr's mind for a day…I'll tell you what I wouldn't do, I wouldn't do it without a fucking escape button, not just some red number off a singing show, it would have to be an alt+F4 or ctrl+alt+del or 'power off' with the circle and line style button, minimum. 😂

  3. I don't know about everybody else (and mind you i'm agnostic) but i think it's a bit funny and telling with the audiences reaction after Bill says this guys brother is a born again Christian. I mean it's Hollywood so what do you expect but still. Listen around 4:41 to 4:49.

    Love the work and all the laughs Bill.

  4. i once drank and did blow with several minor and a couple of major celebrities in hollywood. long long story short i had sex with selena you-know-who. this was quite an honor, and it was incredible sex. but still less of an honor than witnessing Bill Bull say his infamous "LAAAADDYYYY" on camera after years of listening to him say it on his podcast

  5. These fools think they're morally superior for mocking my religion.
    And they had to wade through dirty needles and human waste to get to the show.

  6. holy shit I love this live podcast format I don't even listen to the normal podcast but I would literally watch every single one of these.

  7. 1:10 So TRUE. EVERYWHERE I GO THEY HAVE TO HAVE A SUPER FAT WOMAN, A DEFORMED ABOMINATION, a literal retard, OR A CHARCOAL COLORED APE AS A FREAKING MODEL. At least if they were going to pick people of color they went with the more tolerable or down right pretty looking ones in the past, but now, they find the ugliest thing they can find on the street and call it a model. DUDE, it's disgusting. And no, the deformed and the retard are also human, but they're not models, period. It's like trying to pick the most retarded person who can't do 2 times 2 and just decide to call them a math teacher. Hold your pseudo-sympathies for yourselves, I don't want to take any part in your mental perversions.

  8. I mean considering how far he went with all of that shit without ever going "Hold up", he might as well have joined a sex cult. Hell he could have been the sex cult.

  9. I'm a Kiwi and went backpacking around Australia in my early/mid twenties for a few years and had similar experiences that I would never tell my thankfully non-religious family about.

  10. We have these kinds of mushrooms in Sweden as well…Psilocybe semilanceata or Liberty cap in English.

    But you need to know what is awaiting you or otherwise you can end up like this guy….never try anything before educating yourself and know enough about what you can handle mentally, start slow/low and build up the amount you ingest over several occasions. And be with friends and a "sitter".

    Just a friendly advice if someone out there is thinking about trying it for some reason. Better be safe than sorry.

    And also do not push yourself if you are a group of friends, if you feel insecure, worried or afraid…just say no for the time and your friends should accept your decision. It is not a "cool" thing…it is an experience that explores the depth of ones mind in different ways.

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