50 thoughts on “AC Milan vs Manchester United 5-3, KAKA SHOW HIS MAGIC TO THE WORLD – UCL 2007

  1. YO que me e fijao pacientemente en los partidos que se ven cara a cara KAKA con Messi o Cristiano y este religioso siempre se burlo de ambos, y de hecho es mas grande que ellos, porque si vamos por los trofeos y regalos, debemos ver bien que KAKA tiene hasta una copa del mundo.

  2. when i was a kid AC Milan is not my favorite coz it always better than Juventus in the champions league. But today i feel sad to see that Milan can't even compete in the domestic league.

  3. had to be a brazilian, simply the best in the world 🇧🇷🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 single soccer penta world champion

  4. ผีกาก้า ผีกาก้า ผีผีกาก้า

  5. Eh una volta il Milan senza Brasiliani non può andare avanti mai una volta e per sempre dovete capire!!!

  6. What an amazing match of the two best teams in that era, KAKA, RONALDO, PIRLO, ROONEY, SEEDORF 🇮🇩🇮🇩

  7. memory remain ..i still miss these days when football was full of passion.energetic .skills.no VAR this was a football we missed not nowdays only messi and ronaldo

  8. 4:52 , when kaka was at its best and better than ronaldo and messi. single handedly destroyed 3 top defenders of ManU

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