46 thoughts on “9 Things No One Ever Did Better than Lionel Messi in Football [& Never Will Do]

  1. Premise: I think Messi is the best player ever and I really enjoy your content. Anyways, I have to say that in my opinion you tend to exagerate on your titles. For example, I think that of course there's gonna be a better player than Messi, because I'm sure that when Maradona was on his prime a lot of people felt that way about him and were proven wrong.

  2. I thought everything has its time but so far Messi has proved even that wrong. Best player this season un otro vez…

  3. When i saw his famous chip against sevilla i was like why didnt u show the meg?
    Then the meg section comes and we see the meg but not the chip 😂😂
    That play was so crazy we cant see it in full twice, we can only see one part of it at a time lmao

  4. honestly has there ever been a sportsman who is that much better than all his competition? im not talking about just football but about sport itself. this guy is so much better than the rest that you start to wonder. im always upset when they call him king because he is truely the god of football, maybe the god of sports

  5. What is luck?
    Earth is formed over 4 billion years ago but we are born in generation of Messi and Ronaldo , we are the luckiest generation

  6. Thank you once again for all the hard work it must have taken to put together these incredible clips showcasing the brilliance that is Messi – your site offers profound insights! I also really like your choice of music well thought out! I wonder when he finally rests his shoes whether he will coach?

  7. Messi is the greatest ever to have touched the ball by a long distance, he’s is the only player who has mastered every aspect of the game and that's just impossible, he is unreal, he is one of a kind, there won’t be another player like him, ever. He is the best scorer, the best dibbler in history, the best passer ever, the best assister, and if you put all that together you get Messi the GOD of football. His goals are not basic tap-ins, they are pure magic, the art of football, his passes are magical, he finsihes with an unbelievable precision, his ball control is sublime, his vision and intelligence are unparalleled, his unselfishness with teammates is remarkable. Messi is the fastest ever with the ball( and that's what matters the most), and it seems like the ball is glued to his feet, his acceleration and desacceleration while running defy physics, his phenomenal dribbling abilities makes him unstoppable and unpredictable, his balance and strength are phenomenal, how he switches directions while running, how he uses his body faints to fool rivals, how his quick feets dribble and nutmeg opponents left and right. Messi's consistency is out of this world, he is the only player in history who has been the best for over 13 consecutive years and still doing game after game. He gives mesmerizing masterclass performances every week, he produces magic with every touch, if Messi is not scoring golas he is making them. Maradona and Pelé had a great performance every now and then. Messi has to play every game against a well studied and prepared anti-Messi game by the opponent team. Evey time he touches the ball 4 to 5 players, he gets kick, he gets tackle, he gets hack and he never dives. Messi is the gift from God to football. He is the genius of geniuses of football. The best there is, the best there has been and the best there ever will be.

  8. Best Dribbler of all time: Messi
    Best Playmaker of all time: Messi
    Best Goal Scorer of all time: Messi
    Best Passer of all time: Messi
    Best assister of all time: Messi
    Best free kick taker of all time after Juninho P: Messi
    Best solo goals of all time: Messi
    There is a huge difference between Messi end the rest. Messi created a new whole level called "The Messi Level" which is above Maradona, Pelé and Cruyff.

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