When Football's Too Boring for Cristiano Ronaldo

📌 Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro ”CR7” makes a show in a football match, turns it into a circus 1080i by SLIZHENKOV l HD
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23 thoughts on “When Football's Too Boring for Cristiano Ronaldo

  1. Its all good doing the tippy tappy shit but most of them didn't even pass the defender….messi on the other hand doesn't mess about he passes player

  2. His dribbles and ‘skills’ lead to nothing. Most of time he just ends up with a back pass after show boating with unnecessary tricks.

  3. All that shut and doesn't even beat a man. Messi just walks past people. Ronaldo a phenomenal goalscorer with both feet and head. Messi a left footed goat

  4. The title should be “when Ronaldo makes Football look boring” not hating but wtf is the point of these useless skills? Not effective or enjoyable to watch jeez people need to educate themselves and learn the difference between a great footballer and a great goalscorer.

  5. Messi footwork is good cause he's explosive he's a ok dribbler but for me Ronaldinho that's stuff he did was genius just partied too much!!

  6. There's only one Ronaldo and that's the Brazilian one not taking anything away from Cristiano but he's not the best

  7. Očajan dribler… Nijedan njegov dribling nije rezultirao prodoru pored igrača, već samo vozi biciklicu bez ikakve potrebe

  8. He barely dribbled anybody! Couldnt watch anymore, same thing over and over. I mean Messi probably has over 30-40 goals where he passes at least 3 or 4 players and scores, and sometimes even more. Not Messi fan or anything, just saying. This was actually boring to watch.

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