23 thoughts on “Valve CONFIRMS New Half-Life Game Called Half-Life Alyx Will Be VR

  1. Hey! Let me be Clear! I Am Happy For Half Life Fans Who Already Have VR! The Fact Of The Matter Is It's A Huge Gamble & Going To Divide Alot Of People. (Please Keep In Mind I Didn't Make IT VR Only When You're Downvoting Me.)

  2. i mean the quarting you did kinda rush the video and you should understand it’s better than nothing. i rather have this than just replaying hl2 again. just my opinion

  3. I love the show and I love all of half life it sucks it's not 3 3 3 but with the possibility of time traveling it may end the cliffhanger now I was not happy with the episodes at all great games bad ideal I have seen all the lore videos and yes I know how it ends but it's one of those things I have not played it yet and I will play it on my first vr headset the valve index I trust valve each Half Life game was the same but different if you know what I mean they don't come out with games every year like Call of Duty to me it was so expensive keeping up with that franchise that I stopped keeping up with it and that game was the same thing over and over in my opinion but back to half life alyx I'm getting it and the valve index and I'm very happy pre ordering it ps just think if it came out for your average PC or high in PC people will be saying I wish it was on VR and I can assure you I dont make alot of money I'm a full time dishwasher busboy food prepper

  4. I’m sorry but this insider sounds like a biased tool who has never touched a VR headset in his life. This is literally shit Tyler McVicker from VNN reported on and said for last four years ever since files, code, etc started leaking for this game in Dota, The lab, artifact, etc. Also it makes sense this game is VR, Half-Life revolutionized what a FPS story driven game could be and proved what Goldsrc’s capabilities were, Half-Life 2 showed what facial technology, graphic technologies, and so on could be. Plus when both Half-Life 1 and 2 came out you needed a powerful PC which Ed costed a fuck load back then to play them at the times they did. You don’t even need to spend $1000+ on a Valve Index or Vive, you could get a lower end headset or used one for $200-$600. Sure you’ll have a better experience with the index or Vive but it doesn’t mean you can use lower end tech.

  5. I been waiting years, im gonna spend, i got faith in valve, i have to because most of the other options suck these days. Of course reviews come first, but apart from warframe, i dont have much else. This is gonna be big !

  6. Valve isn’t usually woke so I have that to not be concerned about. Just give us a story, no political fluff.

  7. VR is the future, get on board or get left behind, easy as that. Half Life 2 was used to promote Steam, now Steam is the biggest gaming Platform. Now Half Life Alyx is promoting VR. Embrace the future!

  8. valve clearly stated that all steamvr compatible headsets will work with it, i doubt valve will think this will sell more units of the index.

  9. Let me say this i am a big fan "but" after seeing the trailer i was 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 is this crap you have to play in VR so no keyboard/mouse and who bright ideal was that !

  10. Half Life 3 deserves to be developed by the team at Arkane Studios while utilizing a tremendous graphics Engine.
    At this point, I'd take a top down twin-stick shooter!

  11. not gonna lie, but this would be worth investing in something like an oculus rift, hopefully my 1060 6GB is enough to run it somehow or I'm in trouble since I replayed HL2 like 333 times

  12. If I remember rightly Gabe said he wouldn't make Half Life 3 due to the fact that they cannot beat the hype for a game that doesn't exist.

  13. I'd be dubious about this new HalfLife even if it wan't VR. If GordanFreeman isn't the hero and playable character, then it's not HalfLife
    They've dumped the voiceless protagonist, and replaced him with an annoying NPC who constantly blabs too much, and slows down the flow of the game. What's next, replacing Chell in Portal with an annoying yabbering JarJarBinks?!?

    The only reason they've made this change is so they have a pre-prepared excuse if it flops. Que : "Gamers are misogynists."

  14. You can get vr for as little as $200. If you think of it as buying a new console it doesn't seem nearly as bad to just buy it. When buying any Steam VR compatible headset you get access to a whole host of other games.

  15. Tbh I don’t see the big deal are valve not allowed to make a VR spinoff game Your acting like you need a 1000$ headset to run it witch isn’t true you can pick up a rift s for 400$ RV is consistently getting cheaper this game is the push that VR needs to become mainstream

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