41 thoughts on “Top 10 Game Shows of All Time

  1. So we're ignoring the fact that wwtbam was not only made in UK, but was also spread around the entire world?!?!? You can't just focus on the US version. Typical americans, selfish till the end…

  2. BlanketynBlank is such a far better name for the uk show then the American version The Match Game that sounds more like a dating show like Blind Date here in the UK

  3. I agree that "the price is right" should be in the number 1 slot. It has been running since 1972 and attracts many more viewers than "jeopardy". Also "the 25000 pyramid" should have been on this list.

  4. Press Your Luck definitely should've been on this list, as well as Sale of the Century (except for the Winner's Big Money Game format)

  5. my list
    1 britian got talent
    2 the voice
    3 ninja warrior
    4 big brother

    5 wheel of fortune
    6 hole in the wall
    7 x factor
    8 bang on the money
    9 spotless
    10 strictly

  6. Totally inaccurate. If it was then all 4 four of the following would have been included:
    3.Million Dollar Password
    4.Million Dollar Money Drop

  7. My top 10 game shows
    1. Double Dare
    2.What Would You Do?
    3. Family Feud
    4. The Price Is Right
    5. The Match Game
    6. Tattletales
    7. Wheel Of Fortune
    8. Jeopardy!
    9. Press Your Luck
    10 Card Sharks

  8. My seventh grade social studies teacher, Bill Holzapfel was actually on Jeopardy! He won the first show, but lost the second show. On the last two days of school, we spent the entire class period watching those two episodes (and spending the whole time gawking about how fat he was back then).

  9. sorry! jeopardy should not be above the price is right. price is right to me is way more fun to watch then jeopardy. here's my top 5 game shows
    1. The Price Is Right
    2. Wheel Of Fortune
    3. Family Feud
    4. Press Your Luck
    5. Match Game

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