Top 10 Dumbest British Game Shows

Top 10 Dumbest British Game Shows
From incomprehensible quiz shows, to pointless games of chance. For this list, we’re counting down the dumbest, most ridiculous and all-out stupid TV game shows that Britain has ever seen. So prepare yourself for the likes of “Hole in the Wall”, “Red or Black?”, “Distraction” and “Naked Jungle”. And if you can’t work out the rules, you’re not the only one!

Special thanks to our user RichardFB for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool:

#10. “Hole in the Wall” (2008-12)
#9. “Shafted” (2001)
#8. “Red or Black?” (2011-12)
#7. “Tipping Point” (2012)
#6. “24 Hour Quiz” (2004)
#5. “Golden Balls” (2007-09)
#4. “Don’t Scare The Hare” (2011)
#3, #2, #1: ???


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47 thoughts on “Top 10 Dumbest British Game Shows

  1. I remember as a kid seeing a show called Thumbs Up. Probably on BBC1. Not only was the activities forgettable, but the yellow team always unfairly got an extra ball (representing points) and then sometime after each round, the presenter would be like "one thumb up, two thumbs up!" Er, point of that please?

  2. What about whose baby and i am the answer with Dale Winton no less as i was on it but failed to outstay its welcome on itv at weekdays teatimes 5 -6 slot

  3. Man, I used to love Hole In The Wall! I also enjoyed You're Back In The Room until I just gave up watching it because it got really boring. Never much liked Golden Balls and Tipping Point is…alright.

  4. Really? Dumbest? oh dear I thought you brits do everything perfect! Well at least you admit mistakes not like the gringos that think they are so great, well here is latin america you both are despised most of the time

  5. I absolutely HATE golden balls. Most of the time the honest decent person goes away with nothing and the lying con artist takes all the money. It's a disgusting game show format and the person who came up with it is a moron.

  6. I'd put Jungle Run on there. I'm American, and if there's one game show where I think the Americans did it better, it's Legends of the Hidden Temple (or LOTHT) compared to Jungle Run. What's annoying is that Jungle Run lasted longer. Granted, it was for kids, but still, LOTHT did it better. I also don't know if the UK has or had Carmen Sandiego.

  7. Top 10 Dumbest British Game Shows

    Oh! Tipping Point has to be on this…….Yeah, there it is, but why's it not higher?

    Yes there's worse, but TP is promoted a "real gameshow"

  8. The most pointless one of them all was that one with Noel Edmonds, 'Deal or no Deal'… The number of contestants who claimed to have a strategy was incredible. It was complete and utter chance as to what you won( if anything). Why no one just ran through the boxes numerically I don't know…maybe someone did.
    I only watched about 5 episodes of it.

  9. Hole in the wall was amazing (went downhill when Dale Winton left though) but now on earth is the cube not on here?

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