The ONLY Wave Control Guide You'll EVER Need – League Of Legends

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In this video, you’ll learn how to control minion waves with EASE. Minion spawns have changed significantly since the start of season 9. Keep up to date with our brand new minion management guide!

Minion Priority System:

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This video is for: players in Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum, OR anyone looking to improve at Top, Jungle, Mid, Adc, or Support in the new season. This video is also great for beginner players looking to improve by picking champions that are easy to play and rank up with.

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Written by our Korean Challenger analyst, June.
Written by: Anthony “5mi” Hong

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25 thoughts on “The ONLY Wave Control Guide You'll EVER Need – League Of Legends

  1. Want to learn more advanced wave control strategies? Checkout our website:

  2. Really good video Mostly an overall summary though, I would like for you to make sure you give at least one example every time

  3. "The more difficult aspect of this tactic is knowing when to UUSE it. You wanna start a fast push if you want to recall or impact the map by ROOAMING."
    This commentator sounds so condescending and dumbs down the info as if we're idiots.

  4. This guide may be helpfull for someone that dosen't know about freezing and slowpushing, but you didn't warned them that if you slowpush and your wave dosen't hit the tower, you will lose minions, that's why before you back you have make sure that your wave is crashing the tower 🙂 and let's don't mention how you reset the waves …

  5. I greatly appreciate this Pro Guides, I’m Gold 3, peaked at Gold 1, and I’m looking to hit Diamond 5 in Season 10. Let’s go.

  6. WARD bait.. use blitzcrank champion.. place a ward inside enemy turret.. and wait for them to try and hit the ward (much more possible to work if the enemy has close range champion) .. #WardBait

  7. It's not the only guide I'll ever need. I need to go find another one right now because you keep referring to just "minions", and it's not clear whether you mean mine or theirs. Lame.

  8. wow i didnt know that i was using these tactics for years and i only knew that what i was doing is correct lmao but anyways this made me improve

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