21 thoughts on “the necks – sex

  1. 1990. 4am. Balmy late summer. Roads are nearly empty. Get in my type 3 VW to go home. I turn on the radio. This is appears. I cruise along as if I’m in a Jarmuch film.
    I’m nearing home but sense the piece will go on (56mins) so I drive on just to hear the whole thing and relish the moment
    I wait for back announce in my driveway. The birds have just started chirping gently. I dictate artist and track with lipstick on my driver side triangular mirror.
    Life changing beautiful moment that I hope I can recall at my final conscious breath.

  2. Wrote a whole blog post about this album here: https://a1000mistakes.wordpress.com/2016/11/19/classic-albums-sex-by-the-necks/

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