24 thoughts on “Stupid Game Show Answers | Where No Idiot Has Gone Before

  1. I don't think the football group are idiots. I think they're intelligent for not wasting time watching sports. That's my opinion anyways…

  2. Not everybody knows football. Different people have different interests. It's not in every Jeopardy episode ever so why should Jeopardy contestants know it?

  3. Semifinalists: Wild Cards:
    Francois Barcomb: $34,300 Steven Grade: $18,400
    James Holzhauer: $30,635 Kyle Jones: $16,800
    Emma Boettcher: $23,800 Lindsey Shultz: $14,000
    Dhruv Gaur: $20,001 Rachel Lindgren: $13,601
    Gilbert Collins: $16,801 ============================
    Josh Hill: $10,597
    Eric R. Backes: $8,000 ($13,000)
    Ryan Fenster: $8,000 ($4,000)
    Anneke Garcia: $4,799
    Rob Worman: $799
    Alan Dunn: $1

  4. I love when they do the football questions. lmao it just shows that people are interested in different things.

  5. Hey, I love your videos, but could you do something about getting the sound level of each clip at a more consistent level?

  6. The talkin' football category is from Ryan Fenster's fourth game. He's a seven day champion. He's returning to the Tournament of Champions this November. He returned July 17th, 2018 to do better in his fifth game. In February 2, 2018, on his failed fifth game, the whole Jeopardy! crew had a clue that said Schism not the Great Schism. It was the same thing. But they didn't phrase quite as well as they should've. That disadvantaged him. It might've been. And the judges were being very fair. That's why they brought him back. Watch out for James Holzhauer, Ryan. He'll win the whole thing.

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