25 thoughts on “Story of League of Legends Explained

  1. Riot needs to make League and the world of Runeterra a massive MMO game like Final Fantasy 14 and World of Warcraft. I'd literally be so damn happy to play that, I love this lore.

  2. Who is here after LOL wild roft announced its released, and you're an ML player but u decided to play LOL after its released n u have no clue about LOL heroes and its background. 😅

  3. Azir: imma free the slaves once i gain god-like powers to surprise everyone, including Xerath, and i will continue to keep my people under control

  4. You know, for the watchers to hate the light of reality so much, them poking more holes and letting more light in seems kinda stupid

  5. Dude, I loved the video, but I loved even more the fact that you sound so much like Count von Count from Sesame Street! It was so fun imagining the Count telling me the story of League!

  6. So basically the lore of lol is like my room mate turning on the light in my room at 4am in the morning and now I constantly tries to get him evicted at the apartment.

  7. i dont know if this is older than one of your other videos but you said that the darkin were aliens from a different planet

  8. Why cant they create champion Watcher like an avatar of Watchers or some shit like that, that would be fucking badass the ultimate villain.

  9. Ok but why is there the "League of Legends", an arena where two teams consisting of champions from any factions battle out?

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