Start the Party | All-Star 2019 Event – League of Legends

Watch your favorite League of Legends pros and personalities compete across 1v1, TFT, Tandem, Assassins, and URF, from December 5 – 7, 2019.

See the full schedule and list of attendees here:

And catch every moment live at

“Start It Up”
Featured artists: Prblm Chld and new.wav
Written by: Riot Music Team
Produced by: Prblm Chld and Riot Music Team
Vocals by: new.wav

#LeagueofLegends #lolesports #starttheparty


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33 thoughts on “Start the Party | All-Star 2019 Event – League of Legends

  1. Riot will never get this much credit on their animations if their animators/designers were under-payed. PAY ANIMATORS RIGHT AND YOU'LL BE SURPRISED!

  2. Ranked LP gains should be based in individual game play as well as whether you win or lose, both should be taken into account. How well you performed "stat wise" apart from if your team wins or loses should be taken into account when deciding whether you gain or lose LP after the game. That will take care of the issue of being in promos try harding with your team mates not caring at all or trolling for no reason.

  3. Tôi yêu cầu các bạn giảm sức mạnh của sena vì sena quá mạnh so với các tướng khác 😡😠

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