Sex Transmutation (NoFap?): Think and Grow Rich

Does Sex Transmutation = NoFap? In this video, we’ll learn what is sex transmutation and if you’re part of the NoFap community, you’re definitely going to enjoy this!

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Think and Grow Rich took about 20 years to make and it compiled together a collection of interviews among 500 of the richest people during its time, which shares its greatest secrets of becoming rich Even more so, what I also told you that there is a chapter in that very book called, “The Mystery of Sex Transmutation”?

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25 thoughts on “Sex Transmutation (NoFap?): Think and Grow Rich

  1. Thanks for sharing this information man…
    Yep, It will make sense. I don't want to fell bad and good for at least 1 week from now. If that happens then I will continue to another week and repeat this until 💯 days…
    I want to make some impact on the world, but for that I have to make some changes on self for the rest of the other things…
    If possible I will definitely share the rest time to time.

  2. It’s an extremely great explanation…but I didn’t understand how to transmute this energy?like if there’s an urge to have sex how can the energy be actually transformed???

  3. I've… actually BEEN doing this for years now, and not just with finances. Exercise, writing, fighting off depression. It works for a lot of things. I thought it was just me being weird. Huh.

  4. So does anyone here wanna be my Significant Other and we can take over the world together whilst sexually transmutating lmao

  5. sir i have a question, if i like a girl and ask her out on a date, like having a lunch & movies (not the goal for sex), can we consider that as an expression sexual desire? because im really confused, napoleon hill did mention that sexual transmutation is the switching of the mind thoughts of "PHYSICAL EXPRESSION", to thoughts of some other nature. So im just thinking that, the "PHYSICAL EXPRESSION" he's talking about only includes the "motivation for sex" alone. please explain it to me more. thanks

  6. when napolean wife left him, bonaparte was not doing sex so he was on no fap why his downfalls came he should be gone upwards. Your concept is not clear at all.

  7. Any straight men feeling sexual conflict, sin, something preventing them from living life to the full and not sure what to do, my video explains how to overcome these feelings, link @

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