22 thoughts on “Secret to Better Sex in 2020 Love Stream

  1. Nice to see that you can still get a cheap laugh in 2020 on YouTube. I'm sorry my dear, I appear to have caught you in the eye with my love stream. I know it's sticky but a couple of wet wipes and some elbow grease and you'll be as good as new in no time.

  2. Thank you, Caitlin. Great video as a climax to 2019. Always appreciate the positivity in your presentation and I’m so pleased to see you reaching a global audience. I know how cold it gets in Chicago, I traveled there for business ten years ago and had dinner at a restaurant called True (or Tru) – it was very cold and windy, but a beautiful city, very clean in the big city. Love the pants suit, it has a bit of a 70s/80s vibe to it.

    I totally agree that who you are being within the relationship is so very important. We sometimes lose sight of how we are presenting to our partners because a certain complacency creeps in that we mistake for contentment which, unchecked, can cause serious challenges for you and your partner.

    Personally, I resolve to put effort into not keeping present in my life those things that are not manifesting positivity and focusing instead on enhancing those things that are bringing abundance in positivity – the hope being a marked decrease in being present in the negatives we all need to navigate on a daily basis. Reminds me of a very old song titled Mr. Inbetween (it’s an old-fashioned cheesy but fun song, it’s positivity is perfect for you).

    Looking forward to what you have in store for us in 2020.

  3. "Std's aren't a bad thing"…… are you shitting me? They are spread by slags and people with no respect for themselves or others. Get an std whilst pregnant and certain ones can harm your unborn child! I enjoy your videos but that statement was just plane irresponsible !

  4. I think having someone from the opposite sex find me attractive. I know sex is a bridge to far, but maybe a smile or nod sometime this year would be great!

  5. I love your outfit! It's so chic so beautiful. More importantly the body that's in it is what makes it that beautiful.

    I wish you more than the best & all your dreams come true in 2020.

    My resolution for 2020 is to finish my PhD here & fly to Chicago, meet you in person.
    Love you @Caitlin V

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