Ronaldo Fenomeno ● A Living Legend

Ronaldo Fenomeno ● A Living Legend

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45 thoughts on “Ronaldo Fenomeno ● A Living Legend

  1. Ele era animal…um absurdo no auge pra tão pouca idade. Ainda continuou muito foda depois das lesões mas, aos vinte e três anos foi simplesmente o melhor. Nem o R10 assustou o mundo assim, nem Maradona ou Pelé. É o melhor auge de todos os tempos.

  2. I have seen maradonna platini zico Ronaldo Romario, but messi is the greatest of all time. Coming from RONALDO PHENOMENO FANS.

  3. Blessed by God category:
    Messi and cr7 are outstanding with the numbers but the above mentioned guys are like just give me the ball i will conquer your hearts..
    Much rescept to all the greats
    It is a game of love and passion.
    Not of style, lust for money or pride
    Today's football lacks Heart.

  4. R9 is one of ten players to win the Ballon d'Or more then once:

  5. That elastico @ 0:22 was sublime. Absolutely fooled the hell out of the opposing player. We love you Ronaldo El Fenomeno!

  6. This guy is the best centre forward who ever lived. Some of the stuff he did with a football was verging on supernatural. An absolutely incredible footballer; frightening to think what he would have done were it not for a few serious knee injuries.

  7. If this dude had gone through his career with only minor injuries instead of the major ones he had there wouldn't even be a debate about who is the best player of the last 20 years, and probably before that as well. This guy was fucking unbelievable

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