NEW UPDATE: BEST Champions TIER List – League of Legends Patch 9.23

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Patch 9.23 is the preseason patch! There are HUGE CHANGES to the jungle, runes, exp, items, and many others.

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48 thoughts on “NEW UPDATE: BEST Champions TIER List – League of Legends Patch 9.23

  1. Me: starts months ago before the huge amount of riven buffs and drops off playing

    Also me: comes back in november and sees she got nerfed to hell sad boi hours can i get an F

  2. I like how every tier list making yt channel was never saying anything good about Ryze, and now, since Conq got reworked, suddenly he has no counters, is good early and insane waveclear. I get that Conq rlly suits him, but still mana is an issue and he has enough counters.

  3. I've been seeing more success with Ezreal I thought he'd at least make it back up into B tier. 🙁 Hope they fix him up a bit more.

  4. Talon is my favorite sleeper pick mid. Nobody talks about him. Nobody plays him. Nobody bans him. Perfect lmao. But his snowball is crazy hard

  5. Zac main here, i have been playing alot of zac support. theres only one champ that extremely counters zac support and thats sej. ban her and you will win.

  6. why should I take aftershock rather than guardian while playing leona, guardian helps me protecc my support. pls change my mind, I really need to know why I should take aftershock

  7. Why is Korea still being used as the standard region to copy when China clearly beat them at worlds 2 years in a row?

  8. Azir support was kinda broken. I get ludens before the mid laner does + I have the support item fully stacked!

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