Mysterious Monsters Game Show – Ashly Burch, Elyse Willems, Erica Lindbeck – Ep 5

Ahoy adventurers! This month the Mysterious Monsters go up against three very special guests! Who shall emerge victorious?
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42 thoughts on “Mysterious Monsters Game Show – Ashly Burch, Elyse Willems, Erica Lindbeck – Ep 5

  1. This particular episode is proof that this game is quite flawed and unbalanced… but still remains VERY entertaining. 🙂

  2. I absolutely love this show. Huber is an amazing host and the guests on this episode were perfect. Please bring Elyse back sometime for another episode!

  3. I'm not even done with this episode yet, but it is my favorite of the series so far! They're just having so much fun!

  4. Man what a crazy episode. I have NO idea how to feel about how this episode went, but very jolly vibes! And everyone played their best. Gotta appreciate Huber for carrying through. If anything, this goes to show how hard it is to make a game show XD

  5. I love the energy and passion on this show, but for me, the episodes just feel a little too long and too complex. There's a lot of "fat" in here that could be trimmed down to make it more inviting for casual viewers. You have all the right elements – studio, entertaining host, really cool concept, but I feel like this should be 20-25 minutes tops.

  6. This was soooo much fun! Maybe have someone from the outsidexbox/ outsidextra eurogamer/dicebreaker team…
    Love the host the game and the players!
    (Here cuz i was familiar with the great Elyse) they have cool chemistry maybe invite them for all girl funhaus episode

    The ads are weirdly depressing btw

  7. Holy shit, it was so damn sweet of Erica to give away her gold, and really honest of her to do that because she got so far on alliances.

  8. This was super fun to watch! Though I do believe it would benefit with some more sound design/effects to really carry that game show energy as well as emphasize the theme.

  9. This is my first time watching this show, and it is fantastic!!!! I can't think of the last youtube video that I watched for over 50 minutes. Very creative concept and enjoyed it a lot. Great job!

  10. i barely remember Flashforward and only because those xbox 360 profile pictures were hilarious to me in my early teens for some reason.

  11. This is like the third video Elyse mentions the singular of spaghetti is spaghetto. Who knew a fun fact could take her so far

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