Lionel Messi – A God Amongst Men HD

Lionel Messi amazing dribbling skills & goals in career prior to 2016
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41 thoughts on “Lionel Messi – A God Amongst Men HD

  1. He is just much better than any other legend of other times, I feel so sad by the people that doesn't appreciate this talent, the talent that is overall, saying that Cr7 is better, really I feel bad for them, they are losing the opportunity to see the best player of all times

  2. Hands down, this is the best Messi video I have ever seen in my entire life! Good job, Javier Nathaniel! 👏👏👏 I watched this amazing video in the year you upload it, I didn't start watching it today, but I can't get enough of it. So, what do we do?! We watch it again! 😄

  3. my dream is be a footballer and this video motivate me always when i don’t trust in me, i have 14 years old and i trust in this dream, also at 20 years old

  4. It’s 2019 and this video might need updating because Messi has done crazier things and scored more incredible things ever since. #LIOGOATMESSI

  5. If you go right, he’ll go left
    If you go left, he’ll go right
    If you come towards him, he’ll chip you
    If you stay deep, he’ll overpower you
    If you foul him, hell win a free kick which he’ll score from
    If your whole defence sorounds him, he creates space for he’s team mates.

    There simply no way you can stop Messi

  6. I am not a messi or ronaldo fan, and honestly, from an unbiased perspective, Ronaldo has better skills whereas Messi has simple unfancy skills that seem to cover more yards than Ronaldo. Seems like Messi can accomplish things with few simple moves whereas Ronaldo need to do crazy dribbling to pass through those defenders. To simply put it, Ronaldo’s skills are fancy whereas Messi’s skills are simple and most effective. I would take Messi any day if I had to choose from either both. Messi brings in more results.

  7. The greatest achievement by Ronaldo, football-wisely, is being compared to this guy. In my eyes, Ronaldo doesn’t even reach 10% of what Messi is capable of.

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