32 thoughts on “Lesbian Strippers – Sex, Love & Plasdick | 202

  1. You literally just said don't judge people for how they look or what they don't have to you like who likes you, but they can't be ugly. Girl what????

  2. I remember her from "For The Live of Boop" and she was bugg'n with some serious anger issues. Hot headed. However she was cool with shot out moments on this. show

  3. Great show…she is real and sexy…love it. Never had a New York lover…definitely sounds different!!! Cool at the same time…

  4. I'm glad she was on the show, it gave her an opportunity to be herself and speak for herself without society's negative opinions

  5. Wait a damn minute?!? Did y'all already know Goldie before the Lesbian Flavor of 💘…😵

    I like her vibe though – shout out to a fellow taurean.

  6. She is too heavy.
    It's annoying like we get you don't like dick but who are you really tryna convince
    I didn't like this episode.
    I still love this show tho
    However I love how she broke down being a dominant femme and holding shit down Im too tired of that like if you bitches don't get it together omg

  7. Okay now she is being real about her career and her life.
    I respect her for saying she rather dance for woman then men being a lesbian woman.
    Jazz this was good 👌 she kept it 💯 period.

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