36 thoughts on “John Lydon on the Sex Pistols, Jimmy Savile & his childhood | Channel 4 News

  1. "unedjucated morons" they actuallt learn to be biased – grats britain -Going to Eaton must be like make your child a harcore muslin or Jehovas vittnes .

  2. I have a whole new admiration for john, under that lively eccentric quite scary bravado, is actually a kind, soft hearted, but straight talking honest individual. 💕

  3. He's a twot didn't have a singing voice thts fact,,, a child can play more instruments better then him. THE REASON the band didn't last so long was because they had no talent simple

  4. I don’t understand when he said : we all knew what Saville did but we didn’t do anything about ! So to me they are all guilty!

  5. Johnny doesn't follow the crowd, he speaks his mind up front and no bullshit, He is spot on about the corrupt governments of this world.

  6. A man with wise words & a huge heart.
    I'd love to sink a few pints with him.
    But Jim "won't" fix it for us though!!

  7. John Peel the lovies DJ was also an underage man like Saville. Admitted absuing 13 year olds in the USA, married a 15 year old and had a 15 year old gf when married in the UK, the BBC wanted to name a building after the pervert!

  8. I've always liked his way of speaking he's a very clever man he knows how to say something that can't be turned back on him and he makes his opinion known

  9. Johnny rotten is the man he tells all just the way it is. Would love to sit down with him and have a right good chat .

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