21 thoughts on “Is Half-Life 1 Better Than Half-Life 2? A Half-Life Analysis

  1. This video perfectly summarizes my problem with super story heavy games. Yeah, the dialogue is fun and interesting the first, maybe even the second time. After that though, the actual game needs to hold up, and I shouldn't be forced to sit in a room and listen to some talking polygons when I just want to hop in and have some fun with the game's mechanics.

  2. Doom 3 is the game I replay every few years…
    …but that's not because I think it's scary. It's not even close.
    It's because I like dark atmosphere, which is something not many games do that aren't trying to be straight-up horror, and I still find the shooting really fun.

  3. Half life 2 had a better atmosphere and "World is actually dying and ending" feeling and it had a lot better physics and graphics.
    Half life 1 had better story, pacing, weapons, monsters which actually felt creepy, scary and unique in their own way
    and the military were pretty badass too

    Overall I like both games, but Half life 1 has that feeling, that nostalgic feeling that I can't describe which makes the game so freaking good and mysterious.

  4. I think that when they updated HL2DM to allow you to instantly switch to the gravity gun, letting you use it without waiting for the weapon switch animation, they should have done that to HL2 SP too. It makes it so much more useful and interesting to use.

  5. I never played any Half Life before this week so here is my unbiased opinion.

    This past week I purchased Black Mesa (I know it's not officially HL1) and Half Life 2. I played them both consecutively and I must admit Black Mesa absolutely blows HL2 out of the water. It is a phenomenally well made puzzle/strategy first person shooter where-as HL2 kind of felt like a playing Michael Bay film with much less variety in terms of puzzles/enemies/weapons. The whole time playing HL2 I wondered when it was going to get better? Or change up a bit? Black Mesa (HL1)'s enviroments changed pretty drastically throughout the game, giving a real feeling of success when you figure out what to do and where to go. Even though it was linear, every room felt like a new obstacle to overcome as the puzzles took strategy, timing, accuracy, etc. While 3 different types of species are all fighting eachother and you while you're trying to progress which really added to the atmosphere and story building through gameplay alone. HL2 was just a straight shoot from the start of the game to finish, all the "puzzles" took no second thought and you basically move in a straight line the entire game stopping only to shoot a few combines or headcrabs here and there, and move a box so you can jump on it to progress every now and then.. I just feel HL1 (Black Mesa) had a much more innovative and enjoyable experience that had me feeling many different emotions throughout the 20 hours it took me to complete it. HL2 made me feel like I want more in terms of variety the entire game. All action, no atmosphere or story building through gameplay alone, no puzzles that my 3 year old couldn't figure out. Just shooting brainless combines while you proceed down your linear path.

  6. 14:25
    This section was especially brilliant in a small way I noticed. Earlier in the level, the game teaches you that a headcrab shell contains 3 headcrabs, and yet when you enter the building, you only see 2 headcrabs and their unlucky companions. If you paid attention you know there's a third headcrab but you have no idea where. It's only when you climb up to the second floor and get jumped while trying to grab the loot cache that you find it.

  7. Half life 1 just has this Die Hard feeling, no stopping, short talking breaks, it all goes downhill and downhill and downhill, just awesome
    And not this stupid "cutscenes" where some lady plays ball with a robot, its so annoying

  8. For me Half-Life 1 & 2 are for me an complete package.
    Both are fantastic games.
    Both of these games tried something different, that's why I love these 2 games.

  9. Half life 2 takes away the ability to blow up casseroles and to shoot your friends and stir up a huge commotion, its just not the same

  10. I enjoyed the movement was snappier in hl1, and don't forget the long jump module. And the soundtrack was cooler. I think what makes it better is pretty subtle.

  11. HL1 is more nostalgic and got me introduced. HL2 has a richer story and looks pretty, but doesn’t have that same magic

  12. Agree 100%. Only last week replayed HL1 aft 5yrs or so and cldnt help but finish it, fresh everytime.
    HL2 after 2-3 plays is super boring.
    Combines are just too stupid compared to grenade throwing Marines who will kill even on easy mode.

  13. I didn't actually know you had to kill that roadblock creature with electricity, I killed it by ramming the railcar into him which pushed him into some tripmines, lol.

  14. To be fair, if you got five replays out of HL2 before getting bored, it was money well spent. However it doesn't concede the point that you found HL1 even more replay-able. ……… I think I payed HL2 completely maybe three times, and I feel I really need a mod to replay. However I did not buy it 2004 when it looked good.

  15. HL came out 1998.
    HL2 came out 2004.

    Look at how much more of a difference there was between 98 and 04 compared to the difference between 04 and today. Improving graphics noticeably has gotten progressively, almost exponentially more difficult.

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