48 thoughts on “Inside Amy Schumer – Sex Tips – Uncensored

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  3. I still remember this and it's still hilarious. My roomie and I used to get wine drunk and laugh our slutty asses off watching this show.

  4. I can't help but seeing a strange meta level here… The devil with his four little demons coming up with new torture ideas for dump humanity… "Dylan, great job, I heard most girls were crying by number 7!"…hahaha

  5. "You put his penis in a glory hole. You begin to stroke it. You take a mouthful of cum from his 3 best friends, and then you shoot it in his face until he explodes? " lmao love Missi Pyle

  6. Yup………..its confirmed. Amy Schumer is THE world's most disgusting cunt. Sorry Hillary, Michelle, Nancy, Diane and Madonna. Amy takes it all……proudly.

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