Ignite (ft. Zedd) | Worlds 2016 – League of Legends

Since its inception, Worlds has grown and evolved. Each unbelievable play and phenomenal match created moments and memories that will never be forgotten. In these iconic moments, players and teams reached for something incredible within themselves and brought it to life on the Summoner’s Rift…

“Ignite” — a creative collaboration between Zedd and Riot Games.

Written by Anton Zaslavski, Antonina Armato, Tim James, and TAS. Zedd Music Empire (ASCAP) administered by Kobalt Songs Music Publishing (ASCAP), Antonina Songs (ASCAP) administered by Downtown Music Publishing LLC, Akashic Field Music (BMI) administered by Downtown Music Publishing LLC, and Future Swag Music (ASCAP), administered by Downtown Music Publishing LLC.

Produced and mixed by Zedd. Vocals performed by Tim James. Orchestra arrangement and production by Sebastien Najand of Riot Games. Engineered by Ryan Shanahan. Vocal production by Rock Mafia. Vocals engineered by Steve Hammons and Adam Comstock. Vocals mixed by Ryan Shanahan and Zedd. Mastered by Tom Norris and Ryan Shanahan.

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47 thoughts on “Ignite (ft. Zedd) | Worlds 2016 – League of Legends

  1. When you still remember the lyrics after a long time

    "Im still worthy!"

    I did steal this from some other video

  2. Everyone remember this especially Faker, my hero "A person never fails until he has given up" always fight until the end no matter what I learned that from the history of my country and from my Idol Faker.

  3. WOW just wow I can't believe how many players have and are still spiting on faker's name, no matter how much you hate or deny it Faker was one of the best and even if he isn't now he left a great history and achievement which nobody will probably every do. Every legend has its end but it doesn't mean it will be forgoten!

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