48 thoughts on “How Do You Know if Someone Wants to Have Sex with You? | Planned Parenthood Video

  1. What l if some1 says "yes and there is no influence or pressure of any kind " like in a case of a " female " and she's comfortable too , then after the activity …u guys get lil mis understanding on something else and then she uses it against u that u once rape her .
    How do u then prove ur innocents before any legal authority????
    Are u going to be insisting before the police or judge she gave u consent ? Remember is your word against her word .. And she's a female too so expect the law to always favour her .how then do u prove ur innocence . there was no phone text or msg or video….

  2. People say this main actor is "cringe-worthy", but personally, I think that his slow method of talking and clear emotiveness in how he delivers his lines will be for the benefit of people for who English isn't there second language, and this is important stuff. It's worth taking the time to explain it as clearly as possible.

  3. If someone is obviously wasted out of their mind and probably won't remember anything the next day, I refuse to have sex with them until they sober up, male or female.

  4. Really sexy is to Troll planned parenthood trying to Say: don't rape! When women get "how to not get raped" more often than not..

  5. I am sure lot's of these dislikes come from people who are uncomfortable about there being gay and lesbian couples in the video xD Why don't you go live in a safe space you special snowflake weaklings?

  6. Someone needs to put subtitles in every single language in this video! It's too great not to share with absolutely everyone!

  7. Can't a girl, during sex, decide that she doesn't want to have sex with you, but still will continue? Is that rape? Because she did give you consent at first, but she later changed her mind, silently.

  8. While I agree with a majority of what this series talks about, I disagree that words are always necessary. So long as you're paying attention to your partner's cues, you should be fine. This country's kind of gotten a bit overboard with what consent is (with good reason), so really, just follow your gut. You can check in every now and again, but you don't have to speak. Let your face ask the questions, not your mouth.

  9. I'm confused. You say silence is never consent and then give advice on how to take silence as consent. Sounds like something a rapist would do.

  10. Humm lets see, a video from "Planned Parenthood" full of Gays!!! what next adoption video or artificial insemination?

  11. Jesus Christ, if you don't want to have sex with them, say no. Why is that so difficult, instead of nagging your partner nag you every 5 seconds?

  12. So if she rips her clothes off in front of me and starts rubbing her arse against my crotch, do I still need to wait for her to say it's alright? Seems like that would be a yes to me, but you said verbal consent is also required

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