Half-Life RTX | Quick Teaser [HLRTX]

[This conversion done by me. It’s a fan made project]

After working in a long time period, best FPS ever made, Half-Life, is now powered by real time ray tracing technology. This video is more about how Half-Life could been with ray tracing.

This is a quick footage and not an actual product. This video is not sponsored by NVIDIA.

Conversion done by me. I took assets from Half-Life and converted to Quake 2 format. This project took around 3-4 months since i don’t know much about Quake modding. Even though Quake and Half-Life is similar, few things work quite different than Half-Life.

But anyway after many pizzas, sickness and sleepless days Half-Life RTX is finally here. I hope you like it!

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P.S : I don’t have plans to release it since it’s not in playable stage.


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34 thoughts on “Half-Life RTX | Quick Teaser [HLRTX]

  1. Damn that's the exact mission i was playing today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But i think and feel black mesa 2015 is better than rtx version

  2. I can’t even imagine what will happen if add RTX to Crysis, because even in 2019 this game looks awesome.

    And yes, it was cool to see Stalker and GTA VC with RTX.

  3. Does this mean it could be possible to do path tracing or ray tracing in Half-Life²

    Not neccesarily RTX, even DXR would be fine

  4. Cara… eu gostava quando os jogos tinham essa quantidade de polígonos, foi uma época de ouro nos games. Hoje em dia temos gráficos ultra realistas com muitos polígonos que acabam causando uma certa estranheza. Acho que existe o chamado "vale da estranheza" para gráficos de games também. E uma era de gráficos que conseguiu criar boa imersão sem causar estranheza foi a época de Doom 1 até Half-Life 2

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