Half-Life: Alyx Trailer Breakdown: All the New Details, Enemies, and Easter Eggs

The first Half-Life game in 12 years has officially been revealed, and its debut trailer is packed with familiar faces and brand new surprises alike. Half-Life: Alyx is a prequel set between Half-Life one and two, so join us as we breakdown every secret, reveal, and reference we caught.

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40 thoughts on “Half-Life: Alyx Trailer Breakdown: All the New Details, Enemies, and Easter Eggs

  1. Maybe that dead hanging guy is wearing some kind of HEV suit. I'm guessing it's an HEV suit because of that flashlight that's in his chest. That's where Gordon Freeman's flashlight is, right?

  2. I will be Alyx… THIS is wild. It's like someone invented FPS the first time.
    You will be Alyx. You will see the G-Man in 3D getting closer. And you will be hugging here dad, your dad after rescuing him.
    WOW I can't wait.

  3. that ship floating is "insect alien" ship you see insect alien on screen talking to that that guy in citadel in hl2 when gordon is being teleported from the lab…

  4. 1:50 That tool is not new Alyx uses it a lot throughout Half-Life 2 (interacting with combine tech, converting roller mines,frying electronics .etc)

  5. I Wonder if Tf2 is Literally a Game In Half Life 2 (And Half Life Alyx) , and Left For Dead 2 universe…Tf2 Could Basicly just be a Game For Those Games, Just like Real Life Tf2 Is a Game. Ellis From Left For Dead 2 Mentions Something About Tf2 (idk I remember hearing him say something about it in a video of Some Kind) And Half Life 2 As Well Because to me because of the Red Scout Statue Bobblehead thing…idk could just be a coincidence :l

  6. Nice video, but I just wanted to make one correction: Valve has stated that Alyx is using Grabbity Gloves, not grabby hands.

  7. 6:11 that looks like a cut enemy from half life 2 that was supposed to weild a flamethrower to burn bodies and burn the player.

  8. The grenade-thing That alyx pulls from the combine soldier looks like a SLAM, a remote detonated explosive cut from hl2 But is in Garry's mod

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