Dr. Ruth, 86: I Have Sex All The Time | TODAY

Irrepressible sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer, now 86, is out with a new book about overcoming tragedy and loss. But she still manages to dish out some love and sex advice to TODAY viewers along with KLG and Hoda.
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Dr. Ruth, 86: I Have Sex All The Time | TODAY

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45 thoughts on “Dr. Ruth, 86: I Have Sex All The Time | TODAY

  1. Dr. Ruth did a great job collecting sexual blackmail intelligence for the Moss ad. CIinton spilled many personal secrets during their "friendship". How could Bill have been so stupid to fall for Lewinsky and Ruth.

  2. So now Dr. Ruth is 90 and still pumping I suppose, if her man is 90, he's not pumping too hard (if her "lover" IS a man).

  3. Bull… bet she has the clean the cobwebs out first to pee……… if she has a vaginal fart it looks like a dust storm…… bet she hasn't been laid in over 50 years

  4. It's hilarious to watch klg pretend to GAF, and then turn the focus away from Dr.Ruth's survival from nahtseez, onto "gratitude". I could see her cooking it up 😂😂 with all that blinking she did whilst the Dr. was talking about her entire family being taken out by knotseez. It also tickles me when kkk — I mean, klg shows herself, like when she went on to flex about the way she eliminates ppl that she can't profit — I mean, benefit from…. That was also an interesting distraction.
    Colllnizerz are funny — when they're not being murderously razizt &/or condoning/supporting/enabling other such predatory people of OUR OWN y2k amerkkklan holocaust with its official bodeesnatching/assasynashun agents and kkkonsentrashunkkkampz & whatnot, that is. It tickles me to see ppl in the comments pretend that experienced veteran hosts in amerkkklan media don't KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY're DOING WHEN THEY CHOOSE WHO to talk over AND WHEN to talk over them. They are "masters" (sarcasticpunintended) of controlling narratives… (yeez voice) but Imma let yall' finish. 😏💅🏽
    (Darth voice) And klg has taught hoda well, I see. (but that's a whoooole 'NOTHER sunkenplace topic)
    Ultimately, this video is very much what I expected it to be.

  5. Dr Ruth began educating people long before the 80's. I used to stay up late at night in the 70's to listen to her. She also was a great supporter of Planned Parenthood (she worked for them). She's amazing!

  6. 🌞 🐬⛵🍇 🍊🍇 🐝🌷The stars aligned with President Ronald Reagon & First Lady Nancy Reagon. The U.S.Constitution & U.S. Citizen Privilige's. Religious Freedom is a guaranteed privilige. I loved the 🍎Greek Orthodox Church & The Presbyterian's in Fort Lauderdale. Woman have an inner compass, instinct, intuition & 6th Sense. When they protect, nurture & listen to it they thrive. Spending time in nature, gardening, healthy nutrition, exercise, beautiful music, good friend's & family connect & strengthen us to the "spirit". 🐬Susan Marcile

  7. I saw her on Elle. Just when I started to like her….. wait a minute she survived a Nazi concentration camp and later on went to Palestine to become a sniper?? …….. that was devastating to me.

  8. 😝 GROSS!…. Now that picture in my head…. will HAUNT ME forever!!!!.. 2 old wrinkled up oldies doing …the NASTY is JUST plain NASTY!!!! 😵😵😵😝😝😝😝Some things are better left hidden!!!

  9. I’ve read abt this matter..it makes sense to be part of health regime..if that’s so…someone has to find me or I have to be serious in this area of life goal!If it’s gonna make look younger n pretty……madly ,deeply..where are you?..but I have to LOVE this person to engage.LOL

  10. For the record. Cucumbers are not as good has a roast corn husk, warm it's erotic To tired males, just use your knee caps and lactate on nipples. Don't believe Dr,Ruth vagina collapse to the knee
    caps at age 50.

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