49 thoughts on “Death Stranding Gameplay – Tokyo Game Show 2019

  1. See Sony. This is why you never give a blank check to anyone irrelevant of previous work.
    The game looks terribly boring. Like Kojima saw the "No NPC" advertisement from Fallout 76 and thought it was a great idea.
    I will wait until there is a real review of game play. If I wanted the story. I just watch it online. I am certainly not paying $60 for a big movie with boring elements in the middle.

  2. he's trying to do something different, but as metal gear fan I am disappointed. Still a shoot and play fortnite alterative but less funny. or I am wrong?

  3. My only complaint with the game is I HAVE NO IDEA WHATS GOIN ON?? At least when they dropped the mgsv trailer you didn’t have to piece too much together, but this game just looks hella out there..gonna wait on it.

  4. futuristic super human mailman and his baby fetus sidekick on a post-apocalyptic alien planet. Hiking, delivering packages, and fighting bandits, black zombie ghosts, and giant monsters with his bodily fluids and the help of white social media friendly ghosts that throw supplies at him.

  5. 一拳的原子武士?
    巨人裡的 漢尼斯?
    七大罪的 蒙斯皮托
    史萊姆裡面的 佩斯塔


  6. Is this a game or a Japanese working man simulator?
    What’s the go with the 50 tonne backpack he’s hauling around?
    I’m already not liking the look of this game.

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