Combine Officers and Overwatch Soldiers Biology of Half Life (2) Explored | Lore, Story and History

The Combine Soldiers of Half Life 1, 2 and god willing 3 someday have to be created from humanity. These humans will go out and enforce the will of their alien overlords on their own people. But why would they willingly turn over themselves to their service? Lets take a look and see what biological changes are required to force humans into serving the combine!

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41 thoughts on “Combine Officers and Overwatch Soldiers Biology of Half Life (2) Explored | Lore, Story and History

  1. Sorry about the voice, I was crashing hard when I recorded this lmao. Anyhow if you enjoyed leaving a like helps! also let me know what you thought about this video, had to rely on medical footage more often than not because of graphical limitations of the time!

  2. But what about the Elites? They have one eye(from the look of things), plus i think the Elites are modified to barely be human by that point, and in certain drawings in Episode 1(i think) you can see the modifications done to the brain, great video either way though!

  3. So… "Civil Protection Officers" are traitors to humanity that will abduct, murder, torture, harass, spy on and generally oppress their own in service to a ruling elite. In other words, no different than real-life police.

  4. The combine have no hope anymore …

    I introduce the new device that will destroy them….

    The combine harvester

  5. No eyes pipes and gears inside their head mouth replaced with gas mask pipe and the combine the civil officer with no guns with stunsticks are REAL human

  6. I'd really like to hear your take on the Stalkers you encounter in the citadel.
    Definitely some fucked up stuff going on with those dudes.

  7. Why would the video narrator assume that all that is standing between total obedience of human combine soldiers is “empathy”? Whether you have empathy doesn’t affect one’s rational logic or feeling of right and wrong.

  8. It’s hilarious that when discussing the Halt Life story the narrator and the player seem to view those who work for the aliens as sort of “evil species traitors”. There is no reason they owe anything to the other humans. In fact if aliens could fix my back pain, I’d do anything they ask me. Lol

  9. I always thought that due to Half life stopping at the end of Episode I (when Alyx’s father is killed by aliens) unfortunately didn’t show us more of those cool tripod hunter aliens. They were the most awesome and impressive enemy. I freaked out when I saw it could duck and climb inside the building.

  10. lol this video is funny because it is taking the story of the Half Life games as if it were consistent, coherent, canon story of some kind. Makers of those games literally kept making stuff up as they went on making the game. It gave a decent “story” and game in the end, but they just made it up on the fly.

  11. So in overall the combine can only feel anger, and fear, beyond all that they have nothing else. That would also mean that they lose all rational thinking for situations also, making them less efficient at dealing with problems to how they're told to do. Which is why they frequently die a lot to the Resistance and Gordon Freeman when they cross his path, their thought process is to stop and kill Gordon Freeman and that's all they care and think about, they don't care how it's done, and that there is their biggest weakness because they're constantly being outsmarted by members of the resistance. They never anticipated that they'd have a weapon to take out Striders with the Magneson Device, or the fact that they had another rocket in which they could launch a new device to neutralize the giant portal they opened up over the city.

  12. Nice production value and explanation but you really can't be stealing educational anatomy videos. You should at the very least be crediting your sources in the description.

  13. A foreign empire that manipulates conquered people to attack and control their own? Cool it with the antisemitic remarks, bucko…

  14. Quick question what does a combine look like I mean I'm not talking about the humans that are in the weird suits I'm talking about like the weird alien species combine

  15. You lost me when you started to explain the method by which the memory is erased. This is video game lore, just say “erased their memories” and move on.

  16. Or instead of using primitive human methods, they can just use their highly advanced technology to erase what they want and put it what they want, kind of like in the matrix.

  17. Oh jesus christ almihty, do you really need to run into details on everything? I stopped watching when you started explaining how brain works. Sorry, but this video is about half life, not biology. So next time avoid any details, that are not necessary.

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