45 thoughts on “Can you play the Xbox Half-Life 2 Maps on PC?

  1. What is better in this version that they put an actual 3d surround sound in it, if you not heard how Breencast voice resonating off trainstaion ceiling and reverberating through halls – you never heard an actual Half-Life 2.

  2. In case you're still using FileZilla, I wouldn't recommend it. I would recommend WinSCP for Windows or if you're on Linux Nautilus as well as other file managers have FTP/SFTP built in by default. FileZilla is known to contain malware in the installer and the developer used misinformation about file hashing to try and cover it up. I don't mean to be rude when I say this, but please don't recommend FZ to people.

  3. It skips the intro because the original Xbox version uses a separate map file for the intro, that was left in the PC game files.

  4. This happens when you play PC half-life on OG XBOX, which has in fact been modded into existence.

    Everything works, but the monsters do not skin.

  5. Load points are of coarse a part of the map, it's just a trigger that makes the game load a new .bsp file.
    I would also load these maps into hammer and possibly tidy up some missing textures and sound files.
    Would also look into why the maps are running on fullbright, maybe you said it in the video though but I didn't hear it.

  6. The error at 2:07 isn't related to the engine version. Well, sort of. It's caused by a newer engine feature that they make use of. Newer versions of the engine can load lumps from sources outside of the map files. Most HL2 maps have the entity lump outside the map, because they were patched at some point. That error occurs because the lump no longer matches the map. Extracting the first lump from each bsp that replaces an existing file should fix this.
    The scenes and voices and such work because they're stored outside of the maps. Same game, same files. If it were a different game, you'd need the scenes folder, the sounds folder, and for newer engine versions, to make a new scene cache with faceposer.
    The G-Man scene appears to be a different map, so to see it, you'd have to change the map name in chapter1.cfg or just go to the map with the console.
    Textures are most likely screwed up for the same reason music is, different folder structures. Why they do this, idk, but extracting the texture and sound folders should fix it, or it could probably be fixed manually to save space, though it would be tedious.
    As for lighting being broken, it could be an error with the old engine. I had similar problems with the old engine back in 2007-8. If that's the issue, you should be able to just use the fullbright console command to fix it. I can't remember the command off the top of my head, but it should be easy to find. If that doesn't fix it, the maps might have some fundamental difference in comparison to the pc map format. In that case, "God help you."

  7. I hope this comment finds you in a good spot. I know it's been a clear 2 years but I just found your video. I used to be a modder who used to meddle with HL2 XBox 13 years ago. I can share some insight of what I know about this weird port.

    The engine is obviously based on an older version of the source engine, which you point out.
    To make the game work with 64 MB of RAM, culling is used where unseen parts of the land are unrendered.
    Initially, the hammer editor had an option for "optimize for XBOX" but I speculate it was for the XBOX 360 port, as they wanted to have a bit of initiative (starting with Portal 2) to integrate the source engine and steam to consoles. Which has seemed to fizzle out in light of better projects, like their VR system and Source 2.
    The files on the DVD ROM are carried over to the cache folders on the XBOX from ZX_ to ZXP format. The ZXP format isn't compressed, so you can hexedit anything inside that to your heart's content. It uses a similar method of how it used to use GCF files back in the day.
    Want to edit the ZXP files? https://github.com/desukuran/lynx-project Check out this project that I rescued from my modding back in the day. It can only replace files and not add them. I did not make this, but I wanted the source code out there.
    The map in my guesstimation uses an entirely different way to bake the lighting into the map for the XBOX to handle in such small ram capacity. The maps are also some of the only things outside of the ZXP file. Unless someone can dig into the BSP after this, I dont think anyone knows the real solution behind it.

    I hope you make good use of this tool, if theres enough interest, I may add onto it or help develop another tool.

  8. I love the source engine because it's so flexible to mess around with. Also how easy it is to install mods with them even appearing in your steam library.

  9. Actually the maps aren't the same. There are minor differences. Route Kanal has at least three that I've noticed.
    1) The floor right after hopping across the train
    2) The location of the red valve to raise the water level
    3) A hallway is added to the Xbox version (or perhaps removed from Orange Box version) right before getting the airboat. I uploaded a video showing the difference.

  10. As silly as this may sound, I'm kind of curious to see if the original Xbox can run high-quality Half Life 2 textures.

    Kaxey should look into doing this. 😛

  11. How do you see the files from the ISO? Could you please make a tutorial? (Or just put the files like the vtfs, vmfs, bps's, and .mdl's for download somewhere please?)

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