50 thoughts on “Best of Stupid Game Show Answers (SGSA)

  1. I think some of these answers are pretty legitimate. You do have to feel excited before buying something. For example.

  2. The old show "Password".

    A white guy giving a black guy the clues….

    The word is "buck".

    Clue…… "Doe"

    Answer…… "Knob"

    I watched this episode. They had to stop filming for a while until the audience stopped laughing.

  3. Family Feud:

    "Name a State that starts with the letter "K"."
    …………….. "Connecticut."
    (Now…. Is it so funny that this guy answered wrong?
    No…… It's his family.)


  4. What’s the strangest place you have had the urge to make whoopie at? Olga..?
    Olga..thinks..:”in the ass” 😂😂

  5. These humans chose to be remembered, over their petty greed. Clearly, morality back then, was broad and thriving.

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