42 thoughts on “Acrobatic Sex Leads To Circus Performer Suffering From Crippling Leg Pain | Sex Sent Me To The ER

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  2. هــــــذا أول🥰 تـعـلـيـقي🥰 فـي🥰 الــــفـيــديـــــو هــل مـــن تــــرحــيب🥰واشـــترك بقـــناتــــي
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  3. Can’t stop binging these!!! They’re hilarious because of the actors 😂😂 lol Laura low key thick ok back to binging

  4. I’m interested in the story. But seriously I’d prefer a basic story tell with real people versus the bad acting.

  5. The woman was getting on my nerves being a smart ass she's not the doctor then it's best she shut the hell up

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