30 Skins That BUFF Your Champion – League of Legends / LoL

30 Skins That BUFF Your Champion – League of Legends – Check out this list of updated skins that buff your champion in LoL!
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47 thoughts on “30 Skins That BUFF Your Champion – League of Legends / LoL

  1. that bloodmoon yas can fake tornadoes just about 2nd together with the q the opponent will have a slow response unlîke to other skills

  2. Smooth animations are a real buff that part is true, bullet angel mf is so much easier to kite with, but 80% of these are pretty bad

  3. This stuff does actually work believe it or not. Most players are bad and idiotic to begin with. I used to main tf and although his under world skin feels rougher than the rest his abilities are hard for others to spot immediately and the range is increased slightly.

  4. lmao i’m sure indicators don’t mean shit. Because League of Legends is a game of observation and strategy. You can’t just play braindead all the time and never hear Yasuo winding up on his third Q.

  5. The light Syndra with settings at low makes her abilities sooo hard to see. I'm ok. And you have forgotten the light Vel'koz.

  6. pulsfire tf is izi to see lmao if u see a big thing white and blue FOLLOW ur head is not difficult to know is tf ahaha

  7. The kind of people that likes this probably likes to also use meta only champions instead of having fun using the skins and characters you like the most

  8. My mans iz blind and deaf like you can clearly see all the abilities and you can turn up the volume to hear the audio more clearly

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