10 Times The MSN Trio Impressed The World ► Messi – Suárez – Neymar



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49 thoughts on “10 Times The MSN Trio Impressed The World ► Messi – Suárez – Neymar

  1. The best attacking trio ever! It Do you want to see the MSN together again? Do you think it could happen?
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  2. This is probably the weakest MSN compilation ive seen, its like you have purposely skipped their best clips. There is literally so few impressive plays in this…

  3. It seems to me that the 3 played so good and even got better and better because they all knew that they could give the ball to each other and always the other would understand ,and make out some great things with the ball ,this makes them so confident that this is the best trio ever in football history .

  4. But the saddest truth is, this amazing forward combination of Messi, Suarez and Neymar has been able to win only 1 Champions League in 3 years.

  5. And then the devil entered D. Alves……to seduced Neymar into leaving …..and thereby put asunder what the Lord had joined together. But only for a season ……because they will rise again……..MSN

  6. These defenders.. kinda feel bad for people dealing with 3 nightmares at once and not being able to overcome them 😔

  7. it is beyond me why Neymar decided to leave Barcelona, the best team in the past fucking 10 years to go play in France … just saying France and I start laughing …. I will never understand it


  9. Neymar have BarCa DNA style of playing football
    There may be Griezman, Dembele, etc… No one can make Great impact like Neymar in BARCELONA
    No one can replace him

  10. Too bad that Money and Young Blood make this world best trio end up so fast. They can offer more to world football.

  11. If I was Neymar, I would never leave this. It's like walking away from a pair of diamond and gold, jumping head into a pile of shit.

  12. Can’t lie bro. Dope video and I’m not even a Barca fan I just like Neymar mostly. I hope he goes back because he was at his best there. This is nice man. Keep it up.

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