10 INCREDIBLY Underrated Champions YOU SHOULD ABUSE in Patch 9.23 – League of Legends Season 10

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Patch 9.23 is the preseason patch! There are HUGE CHANGES to the jungle, runes, exp, items, and many others.

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33 thoughts on “10 INCREDIBLY Underrated Champions YOU SHOULD ABUSE in Patch 9.23 – League of Legends Season 10

  1. You need to try xin zhao in jungle with sanguine blade and domination rune that stacks 3 attack and you get heal idk name of it.

  2. Thoughts on Item Changes: I really miss the Ancient Coin with its Move Speed bonus. As a Support Main, I prefer the survivability and mobility that Move Speed grants me. The Support items now just makes you choose between AP, AD and HP.

  3. On hit Shyvana is a bit hype RN. As the meta slows down that helps Shyvana. Camp timers encouraging more farm heavy junglers also help. Shyvana is also a great dueler and an overall decent Bruiser Especially with the changer to conquerer. Conquerer Shyvana is kinda hype RN.

  4. Yup 47% winrate on Aatrox, there is nothing wrong, he is broken, op I say, just listen to the adc mains they know what's op (the bruisers).

  5. i think sanguine blade is like spear of shojin because not that much assasins/champs that need lethality benefit from the atk speed but som echamps rly sinergise with hime like trynda

  6. Okay
    Support Lux or Apc Lux? xD
    I don't know why she is with a support item when she is going for APC

  7. Hilarious riot nerfed and ruined aatrox and akali meanwhile plenty of adcs have well above 50 percent winrates with insanely high pickrates. Look at kaisa, jinx ,jhin and more.

    Adc such a busted role.

  8. Aatrox died for me when he get reworked. I still can't imagine what devs think by the time they ruined great and fun champ. From a dualist to a god dam clunky and slow skill caster… WTF. I'm still getting mad, when I imagine what Aatrox could become… Sry for my English.

  9. I hate you for pushing brand. Theres nothing worse than a support playing brand and dying 15+ times a game. I dunno what it is about the champion but he consistently seems to have the most deaths in the game everytime I see him. Followed by yasup

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