True Damage – GIANTS (ft. Becky G, Keke Palmer, | League of Legends – {{ reaction }}

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True Damage – GIANTS (ft. Becky G, Keke Palmer, SOYEON, DUCKWRTH, Thutmose) | League of Legends


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43 thoughts on “True Damage – GIANTS (ft. Becky G, Keke Palmer, | League of Legends – {{ reaction }}

  1. Ya know…my dumbass watched this ….then when art reacted to the Popstars music video my dumbass commented "React to TrueDamage-Giants" and forgot he already did

  2. Somebody probably already said it but I'm gonna give little context to it: Its from a video game company named Riot Games that made League of Legends but overtime when the game started getting popular they started producing music and making bands featuring the game's characters. They usually produce music for the characters that are getting new skins or if there is an upcoming new season or new tournament and championship.

    League of Legends has one character as a solo artist and 3 bands
    Jinx – Get Jinxed
    K/DA (they are a girl group inspired by Kpop)
    – Ahri: Leader (voiced by (G)I-dle's Miyeon)
    – Evelynn: Vocal (voiced by Madison Beer)
    – Kai'Sa: Vocal, Dancer (voiced by Jaira Burns)
    – Akali: Rapper, Dancer, Youngest member (voiced by (G)I-dle's leader Soyeon)
    True Damage (I'm gonna list them in order of who sang first)
    – Ekko (voiced by Thutmose 1st rap and DUCKWRTH 2nd rap)
    – Qiyana (voiced by Becky G)
    – Senna (voiced by Keke Palmer)
    – Akali (voiced by (G)I-dle's leader Soyeon)
    – Yasuo: he's the DJ so he did not sing but DUCKWRTH is the DJ in real life
    Pentakill (they are inspired by metal rock)
    – I forgot the names of the members

    Popular music videos which promote new season and tournament/championship:
    (there to many of them so I'm just gonna list the most hyped ones)
    Legends Never Die
    Legends Never Die remix
    Worlds: Hero remix
    RISE remix

  3. Yeah bro appreciate the videos they make but do not join us in the game 💀 reality check bro it’s hell 😂

  4. If you're interested in more League music check out K/DA – POP/STARS or with a bit of esport flavor, League of Legends – Phoenix, League of Legends – Awaken.
    EZ Views, pretty good music, GGWP
    Oh and big up for Duckwrth, he deserves the recognition.

  5. "'were about to give it some free advertising"
    you have to realize its the most played game in the world, and your 150k views isnt going to bring a single virgin into the game, free advertising my ass. Only thing you added to the song was your annoying head bobs, stop with this shit, giving out advertising and straight out taking something who took a year to make and slapping it on your channel, are two massivley different things.

  6. 37 Million players across the world play this game daily. You just got advertised, my guy! Keep up the good work, cuz!!

  7. Darn, I honestly wanted to hear your thoughts on the rap verse that was in Korean (I know you probably don't understand Korean)

  8. "If this was some kind of a TV show i'd watch it"
    League of legends anime coming out named "Arcane" in early 2020

  9. League of Legends is insane. They actually started with a MOBA game. Now they are taking over everything
    From FPS to anime. To fighters, card games etc…

  10. bro look at the other League music vids and btw Riot(the developers of LoL) announced an anime for 2020 so have fun with it and pls make a reaktion vid to it

  11. I'm probably not the only one minding the fact that he didn't sync up the audio and video of the vid he's reacting to.

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