Things you wouldn't hear on a quiz show | Mock the Week – BBC

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Dara O Briain and Hugh Dennis mock the events of the last seven days with guests Angela Barnes, Ed Byrne, Ed Gamble, Ivo Graham and Romesh Ranganathan.

Mock the Week | Series 15 Episode 8 | BBC Two

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35 thoughts on “Things you wouldn't hear on a quiz show | Mock the Week – BBC

  1. And as you can see here, the oldest brother and the first born sister are fighting about who’s the favorite, welcome to Family Feud

  2. Congratulations! You just won a trip to Napa! The Napa Auto Parts store that is to pick up your brand new car! The car that has been handed down from many generations of your family!

  3. Hello and welcome to Distraction. Now let’s welcome our contestants, every girl who found out I liked them and made me leave them for good.

  4. Time’s up you managed to bank nothing. What a pity amount to put through to the next round. Along with that none of you have answered all the questions correctly. You’re all the Weakest Links, GOODBYE!

  5. Welcome to Pressure Pad where you have to use your hands and feet to apply enough pressure to the pad to answer the question.

  6. “We asked you for things that start with an ‘e.’ You said, ‘a great night out with the lads!”
    Bet that’s what Ed Gamble thinks. He looks like someone who would take drugs 😂

  7. I really really can't stand Angela Barnes on this show. There are great female comedians, but she's consistently unfunny, uninteresting, and frankly irritating.

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